Arbitration and Hearing Officer Services


In arbitration, a neutral third-party experienced in employment law and commercial litigation serves as a private judge to hear the parties' dispute and render a binding decision. Both parties commit in advance to abide by the final decision. 

The Supreme Court has upheld the use of binding arbitration in employment disputes and expressed its strong belief that judicial policy favors arbitration of employment conflicts.

In addition to being an experienced mediator, Amy Lieberman has helped many parties resolve their disputes through arbitration, thereby saving both parties the costly and time consuming process of preparing and defending against lawsuits in the federal and state court system, which can take several years.   

Amy Lieberman is an experienced arbitrator of employment and commercial disputes. She serves on the roster of commercial/employment arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association, and the National Association of Securities Dealers.   She has also served as an appointed arbitrator for the US District Court (9th Circuit) in employment and civil disputes.

As a Hearing Officer, Ms. Lieberman listens to the evidence presented by parties to an employment dispute, and renders a written advisory opinion to a Personnel Board or an Executive Officer, who then renders a final decision.   Ms. Lieberman has served in that capacity for the Phoenix Employment Relations Board, the Maricopa County Merit Commission, the State of Arizona Personnel Board, the University of Arizona, ASU, and other municipal and governmental entities. 


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