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Amy Lieberman has given over 100 presentations, keynote speeches and breakout sessions.  Her seminars are valuable to those who deal with conflict - enabling them to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and to move on past the conflict, restoring productivity.  Her audiences include C-Level executives, human resource professionals, attorneys, risk managers, mediators, managers and supervisors of all levels. 


Mediation Success: Get It Out, Get It Over and Get Back to Business!

 "Excellent job! You used simple words but had a VERY powerful message. I learned more from your presentation than any other at the conference. I look forward to more insights from your book!'                          - Mike Sale, JusticeTrax

Secrets to Successful Conflict Resolution:  Lessons from the Expert

"Full of great information and take aways that I will be able to use personally and professionally."  - Toby W., Vistage Attendee

The "GREAT 8" Conflict Currencies 

                 The Debits & Credits of Conflict and the Resolution Ratio

"Amy's keynote at the Texas Association of Mediators Annual Conference on "The Great 8 Conflict Currencies" was engaging, entertaining and relevant!  Every mediator can benefit from Amy's experience and knowledge.  Thank you Amy!"

                                - Katherine Perez, Mediator, Conference Co-Chair Program Supervisor


Driving Forces of Desires:  Reaching Resolution in Mediation


Disputes in the C-Suite: The D-List for C-Level Conflict


The A-List:  Emotions in Mediation

It's Not Business, IT'S PERSONAL! 

Conflict Management 101

 How Mediation is an Effective Way to End Workplace Wars:
View this interview with Amy Lieberman
by Scott Drake on the Legal Broadcast Network


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The Great 9 Conflict Currencies - Annual Conference of Management Accountants, Las Vegas July 2016 - also presented to the Texas Ass'n of Mediators Annual Professional Development Conference, February 2018 and at the AZ SHRM Annual Conference August 2017

Mediation Success: Get It Out, Get It Over and Get Back to Business!

AZ SHRM Annual Conference,  August, 2012

HR Southwest Conference October, 2012 -Fort Worth Convention Center 

America's Blood Centers Annual HR Conference, May 2012, Sacramento, CA. 

West Valley Human Resources Association, May 2012, Peoria, AZ.  

Psychic Income - Feeling Valued In Your Job 

Northern Arizona Human Resources Association, March 2012, Laughlin, NV.  

Secrets to Successful Conflict Resolution: Lessons from the Expert

Vistage CEO Group, August 2012, Kansas City, KS and Vistage CEO groups in tens of U.S cities nationwide from 2012-2017




"As a practicing MD/Radiologist, I have heard thousands of lectures.  Mediation Success was in the top 3 -- and I forget the other 2!" 
       PJ Silverman, MD 
"Kudos to you for a super presentation!  I learned more in 2 hours today than some of the all day workshops I have attended." 
       Kathy Serrano 

"Very engaging-captured audience right at the beginning. Energetic, dynamic and passionate about your field. Excellent content!  One of the best we've had in years".
       Vistage International attendees

 "Your presentation was outstanding! So much positive feedback. You were a tremendous speaker  - we need to get you again next year!" 
Karen Timian, Controller

"Great feedback on your program.  You are an accomplished speaker, with extensive knowledge and was riveting and enthralled all attendees!." 
Jan Steward, Risk Management Specialist

" Great instructor, best materials, extremely well organized, detailed and energetic".
        State Ba
r of AZ seminar attendees

"I just saw you speak and was blown away. It truly opened my eyes to  new opportunity".  
B. Price,business student

"Creative, skillful, engaging  - your committment to excellence was obvious. Extremely knowledgeable about employment legal issues and resolving workplace conflict....Exceeded my expectations!". 
F. Assenzio, Manager  

"You were wonderful!  Awesome and inspirational and can't wait to attend more of your seminars." 
      Amelia Portis, Human Resource Generalist

"Thank you for yesterday's session with my Key Group.  You connected very well with the group, gave them a great framework and specific practical tools for dealing with conflict, and they all left having gained a lot of value.  Your expertise was clearly evident to everyone.  I'm sure their survey feedback will be very positive -- mine was!   
       Greg Behm, Group Chair, Baltimore, MD, Vistage International, Inc.




Insight Mediation resolves your conflict - When it counts
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