Whether a matter is in litigation, a claim or charge has been filed, or interpersonal conflict is disrupting the workplace, Insight Employment Mediation can help.  

We have extensive experience mediating employment disputes, on a national basis.   this includes individual charges and claims, and class and collective actions.    Our unique combination of strong experience in employment law, background in psychology, and specialized training in mediating workplace disputes has enabled us to successfully mediate well over 1500 disputes.   We achieve resolution over 90% of the time.    Along with other factors, this success has led to numerous honors and distinctions in the field of ADR. 

 "My client and I thank you for your assistance settling a dispute that had a lot of hurt feelings on both sides.   We appreciated your skill, courtesy and sense of humor throughout."  -  Elizabeth D., counsel 


As mediators, our goal is to assist parties in reaching a voluntary resolution of their conflict in an amicable manner.  We work as a neutral third party and help you achieve your goal of resolution.   We meet with each party in joint or private sessions, listen to each side’s views, review information, and explore options.   We know the importance of understanding and addressing underlying concerns,   so we keep these in mind as we assist you with communication, negotiation and ultimate resolution of the dispute.  We help you to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and potential outcomes from both legal and human factors perspectives, and work with you to creatively identify solutions that are acceptable to all involved.   

While most mediations are resolved in a day or less, on occasion follow-up is called for.  We stay with you, until your conflict is resolved. 

When resolution is reached, we prepare a memorandum of your agreement, which then reflects a binding settlement. 

By law, mediation sessions are confidential.  That means that if the conflict does not resolve, and later goes to court or to arbitration, no one will be able to see the mediator’s notes, or learn about what occurred at the mediation.

            "I wanted to thank you again for your excellent work yesterday in bringing this matter to a negotiated    resolution.   Your perseverance was much appreciated... there was a real possibility the mediation could have broken down without your tenacity....Having been through many mediations, I try to be a diligent observer of dynamics, body language and the mediator's ability to assess as many avenues to resolution as possible....This is one where the mediator made a huge difference."   Barry S., counsel


Insight Employment Mediation has successfully mediated all types of employment/litigation disputes, in over half a dozen states.  These include: 

•   Title VII Harassment and Discrimination Claims (Sexual harassment, gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, age discrimination, race, ethnic and national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, and disability/ADA/ADAAA discrimination claims)
•   Hostile Work Environment Complaints
•   Wage, Severance and Breach of Contract Claims
•   Administrative Claims and Grievances
•   EEOC Charges
•   FMLA and FLSA Claims
•   DRP (Internal Dispute Resolution Program) Claims
•   Class Actions
•   Collective Actions
•   Sarbanes-Oxley Claims
•   Retaliation and Whistle-blower Claims
•   Defamation Claims
•   Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
•   Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Claims

 "You have done an outstanding job with this mediation.  Thank you for your expertise and your level head in helping us handle this situation."  - Patti K., Management Executive 



Conflict between valued executives, managers and/or subordinates can get out of control, and block an organization from operating smoothly and efficiently.   At the extreme, it can lead to loss of a valued employee, or eventual legal claims.  Mediation with an experienced employment mediator is the most cost-effective and satisfying way to solve workplace conflict, prevent it from escalating, and get everyone back on track.     Shift the focus forward – toward resolution. 

In a safe and respectful environment, we will help you stop the drain on resources.   We will help you to:

•   Resolve difficult conflicts before they disrupt the workplace
•   Avoid both the hard and “soft” costs of protracted litigation
•   Improve your organization’s conflict resolution skills
•   Increase your ability to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity

Insight Employment Mediation has successfully mediated ALL types of employment conflicts which disrupt the workplace, including executive conflict, key personnel and team dysfunction, partnership disputes, and other forms dysfunctional business relationships.   

Amy Lieberman is an Advanced Practitioner in Workplace Mediation.  She has worked with many different types of groups, aiding them in accomplishing a more solid and respectful approach in their communication and dealings with each other, and in reaching their goal of improved  professional and interpersonal relationships.   Examples include medical groups, law firms, academic executives, business partnerships, marketing firms, insurance firms, Boards of Directors, and governmental/quasi-governmental agency executives and staff.
View Amy's calendar for available dates.

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and the hard work and energy you put into helping us resolve my case.   I have been involved in many mediations over the years but you are - by far - the best mediator I have ever met.   I researched you and read reviews before agreeing to mediation, and was impressed but still approached the session with some skepticism.    There is not an ounce of that left.   Driving home, I could feel the relief of resolution and putting this all behind me.  I didn't realize how much this affected me until it was gone.   I can't thank you enough.   There are few people that put their heart and soul into their job but it is obvious that you care about the people involved and work to reach an agreement that is good for all."   M.B., senior level employee who resolved case with her employer after years of litigation
 "The office has been a happy place.  The mediation is working!  Thank you!"  - R.B., Managing Member, private organization, regarding a workplace conflict between employees
 "Things have been going great still.   I feel like it is a whole new relationship and I really value that." - Employee #1  two months post-mediation ...."I'm so happy now,.   It's amazing what can happen when you communicate.  All good, I'm glad we are a team now."  Employee #2 also checking in, two months later.
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