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Occasionally managers, supervisors or other business executives realize that there is a serious problem between work groups.  Key personnel whose skills are essential to a productive work environment seem to be constantly at odds with one another.  Divisiveness occurs, and others in the workplace are forced to take sides.  The result is an unhealthy workplace, with tension and low morale.   


Insight Employment Mediation offers facilitation of these tough workplace conflicts.  Working with the assistance of a skilled, neutral facilitator, each involved party or group can ensure that their own views are heard, that their concerns are acknowledged, and that their perspectives are understood.  Communication occurs in a safe and respectful environment.  Specific behaviors are discussed, and concrete action items are agreed to.  Steps are taken to ensure follow through and accountability. 


Progress happens, relationships improve, and the workplace can return to a productive environment.   


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"Ms. Lieberman is a skilled mediator who has worked with both our physicians and our board of directors.  Participants came away with an increased awareness of both their own and other's motivations, and how their behavior affected each other."  -- Linda Gorey, CEO, Clinica Adelante 

"Thank you for your assistance in facilitating the officer interviews for our workplace of choice survey. Your knowledge and expertise for obtaining constructive feedback was very effective. It was a pleasure working with you and if I can ever recommend your services please don't hesitate to call me."
   --Scott Cornelius, President & CEO, Johnson Bank

"I wanted to thank you again for your help.  Things have been much smoother which can be directly attributed to your consultation." -- Tom Jordan, President, Coconino Community College. 

"Everyone agrees that things are much better and they are all trying very hard to work together now...[The employee] wanted me to tell you how much he appreciates all of the help and that he is doing much better emotionally."
  -- R. Henderson, Arizona Water Company. 

"Ms. Lieberman stuck with the process and brought two hideously disparate groups to resolution (without bloodshed).  Absolutely amazing."
--N. Cheatham, employee.  

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