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Amy Lieberman is the Executive Director of Insight Mediation Group LLC and Insight Employment Mediation LLC.  

        "Amy Lieberman is a paradigm-shifter who brings a palette of color to an otherwise black-and-white process.  She expertly gets it done."

       Mediator - Facilitator - Conflict  Coach - Trainer

   Author - Speaker - Arbitrator - Investigator

     Attorneys, C-level executives and HR professionals challenged with resolving employment conflict consider Amy Lieberman's ADR and mediation/facilitation skills their secret to success.  Among the Best Lawyers in America in her field, this experienced and sought-after mediator, author, conflict coach, trainer and speaker enlightens and brings opposing parties together to ease tensions, protect capital and restore balance.  

       Since 2001, Amy's skills, insights and guidance have influenced thousands to peacefully resolve their conflicts and enjoy the high value benefits that flow from successful closure.  Her niche expertise in employment disputes, combined with the rare ability to handle both legal and interpersonal conflict, sets Amy apart, enabling her to embrace tough conflict, and to provide peace of mind and enhanced business relationships.   

      Insight Mediation's services include mediation of lawsuits, EEOC charges, claims brought under internal dispute resolution programs, executive, partnership and workplace conflict, team facilitation and individual or group conflict coaching.  

      Other services include arbitration, investigation, and organizational workshops and training in the Mediation Success techniques developed by Amy Lieberman, and showcased in her book, "Mediation Success: Get it Out, Get it Over and Get Back to Business," available on amazon.com.  

        Ms. Lieberman is recognized both locally and nationally for her professional skills in resolving disputes. 

  • Repeatedly selected by her peers as one of the "Best Lawyers in America" in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), "Southwest Superlawers" and "Arizona's Finest Lawyers."    
  • First mediator in Arizona to be selected as a Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators
  • National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals
  • American Arbitration Association Mediator and Arbitrator  
  • Listed in the  Business Journal's "Who's Who of Leading Lawyers" in Phoenix, and has been honored as
  • One of the "Top 50 Women in Business" by the Phoenix Business Journal.   

     Amy is also recognized both locally and nationally for her presentations and publications on mediation and ADR topics.   

     Amy Lieberman is an ACR-designated Advanced Practitioner in Workplace Mediation, as well as an Advanced Practitioner in Employment Arbitration

      As a mediator, Ms. Lieberman is an approved mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the Bureau of Land Management and Indian Affairs, the Arizona Civil Rights Division, the Phoenix Association of Realtors, FINRA, CPR's Panel of Distinguished Neutrals, and the Justice Courts.   She was recognized as a Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators and is member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. 

       Both Amy Lieberman - and her husband, Rick, a business lawyer -  were honored in March 2020 at a     reception for AZ's Top 100 Lawyers.  

As an arbitrator, Ms. Lieberman is a panelist with the AAA, FINRA, CPR's Panel of Distinguished Neutrals, the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. and the Arizona Association of Realtors.  She has also served in that capacity for the U.S. District Court.  

    Ms. Lieberman serves as a Hearing Officer for the Maricopa County Merit Commission, the Judicial Branch of the Maricopa County Superior Court, the State of Arizona Personnel Board, the City of Phoenix, and other municipal and governmental entities.  

     She is past Chair of the American Arbitration Association's Employment Advisory Board in Arizona, past Chair of the State Bar ADR section, and an active member of the Labor and Employment section. 

     Amy is a member of the national Association for Conflict Resolution (Workplace and Training Sections), and has served on the Boards of Directors of several local ADR organizations.   She is a frequent speaker on ADR topics in the legal, employment and business communities, and is active in numerous HR organizations.

     Ms. Lieberman is privately retained by litigation counsel, corporations and individuals who wish to resolve conflict through ADR techniques.  Ms. Lieberman has special expertise in negotiation, mediation and arbitration of employment disputes. 

    She assists with the resolution of  conflicts between executives, key personnel disputes, claims of discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment, ADA violations, wrongful demotion, suspension, termination, wage, executive compensation and severance disputes.  

    In the past, Amy represented both employees and management in the public and private sector.   Ms. Lieberman has a diverse background, which also includes personal injury and tort litigation, municipal and construction law.   

     Ms. Lieberman has served as faculty for the  AGTS and the Arizona Employers’ Council.  She provides training to human resource professionals, attorneys and others in mediation and conflict resolution skills. 

       Ms. Lieberman obtained her law degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Arizona in 1984.  Amy also holds a B.A. in psychology, summa cum laude, from the University of Denver, received in 1981.  Her training in psychology helps parties overcome communication barriers and tensions, enabling them to resolve conflicts in a mutually acceptable fashion.  

"Amy has an excellent reputation in the ADR and legal community in Arizona. Ms. Lieberman is highly sought after both as a speaker and as a mediator. I am incredibly impressed by her knowledge and expertise in the field, her speaking ability, her integrity and reliability, and her energy and enthusiasm. She is the ultimate professional, with warm, collaborative relationships with everyone in the ADR community. She has also served as Chair of the Arizona State Bar ADR Section. I have the highest professional and personal regard for Ms. Lieberman."

--Ann E. Woodley, former Director, Lonestar Mediation Clinic and Professor of Law, Arizona State University 


"Amy is the "It Girl" of mediation!  She's a widely known and highly respected professional in the mediation career field.  Her insightful, well-organized and inspiring work, Mediation Success, will no doubt cause a positve, seismic shift in Alternative Dispute Resolution."

--Kevin Osterman, EEOC Mediator  



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