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Insight Employment Mediation covers all your dispute resolution needs for employment and workplace disputes and conflict.   We give you the peace that comes with cost-effective and respectful resolution of conflict, whether your conflict arises in the courtroom, or in the workplace. 


We mediate employment litigation, individual and class actions, EEOC charges, internal Dispute Resolution claims, and business contract disputes.      We also mediate executive and workplace interpersonal conflict,  team challenges and partnership disputes.  We provide executive training and serve as conflict coaches for managers and leaders. 

We  create positive work environments through conflict management, conflict coaching, group facilitation, training, and design of ADR policies for your organization.   We also offer on-line mediation!  

We also provide arbitration, neutral investigation, and hearing officer services.

Amy Lieberman, Esq., Executive Director is a leading authority in the field of conflict resolution, mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation and training.      For close to 20 years, Amy has been listed in the top 5% of lawyers in Southwest SuperLawyers, Best Lawyers in America and Ranking Arizona's Top Lawyers in Alternative Dispute Resolution.   Amy is also an ACR Advanced Practitioner in Workplace Mediation and Employment Arbitration.

"Amy is simply the best mediator of workplace disputes I have come across.   Her deep knowledge of this area of law combined with her formidable mediation skill makes her uniquely qualified to assist litigants to resolve even the toughest of cases."   - Jeff Bernick, Jackson Lewis (employer counsel)

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and the hard work and energy you put into helping us resolve my case.   You are - by far - the best mediator I have ever met.   I researched you and read reviews before agreeing to mediation, and was impressed but still approached the session with some skepticism.    There is not an ounce of that left.   Driving home, I could feel the relief of resolution and putting this all behind me.  I didn't realize how much this affected me until it was gone.   I can't thank you enough.   There are few people that put their heart and soul into their job but it is obvious that you care about the people involved and work to reach an agreement that is good for all."   M.B., senior level employee who resolved case with her employer after years of litigation


Amy's professional distinctions include the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers,  the American College of Civil Trial Mediators, mediator and arbitrator for the  American Arbitration Association, the Arizona Association of Realtors, and the EEOC, among others.   

Since 2001, Amy has resolved over 3500 employment, workplace and business disputes, including sexual harassment, race, gender, disability, religion, and ethnic origin discrimination, wrongful termination, class and collective actions, FMLA, FLSA, and restrictive covenant and contract cases.  

Amy also works  with countless organizational leaders  as both coach and facilitator to improve communication and  conflict management skills.   



Mediation Success

Amy Lieberman's book, Mediation Success: Get It Out, Get It Over and Get Back to Business is available for purchase on Amazon.   Amy wrote this practical guide so all companies will know that there is a better way to resolve disputes.   The book gives you mediation tools and techniques to preserve both relationships and capital. Join Amy on her mission to get all businesses to wholeheartedly embrace mediation.  Learn the process, the psychology, and the solutions to overcoming workplace conflict in the conference room and in the courtroom from one of the most experienced mediators in America!   


"Amy is not only one of the best mediators in Arizona, in my experience, she is the most successful....She is, in my judgment, the best overall mediator I have used in my 34 years of practice." - David F. Gomez, Esq., Gomez and Petitti  (employee counsel)

"Ms. Lieberman is arguably the finest mediator available to resolve employment disputes in Arizona.  Her professionalism and success rates are far in excess of any reasonable expectation...Her resolution rate is far higher than the norm, probably the best of any mediator or firm we use."   - Mark J. Ogden, Esq., former Managing Partner, Littler Mendelson (employer counsel)


Visit here for additional information and what people have to say about Mediation Success,  Mediation,  Training, or  Speaking Engagements 




Does your organization need MEDIATION, CONFLICT COACHING  or FACILITATION Training? We do that.  

A few comments from our most recent Conflict Coaching  / Facilitation training: 

"Wow! One of the best classes I have attended in 30 years!" - Theresa C.

"Great content and training style  -- excellent materials!   Amy is amazing" - Linda B.

"Fantastic, genuine and reality-rooted....Amy has amazing style in both how she operates and how she trains, flexing to meet the desired outcomes of the training and masterfully handling diverse personalities." Jeffrey E.

 Visit our Training page, or email us for information.


"I want to thank you again for providing us with such an outstanding learning experience! I learned many valuable lessons both from the material and your terrific cases."  -Yvonne L., attendee, Hr Investigations Training 


                           Need Conflict Skills?     Only have 2 days? 




Get the information, tools and experiential practice you need to prevent and resolve workplace conflict with INSIGHTS, Conflict Management for Leaders. Learn to use Mediation Success guidelines and principles to successfully address workplace conflict. In this training, you will:

  • Understand the Nature of Conflict
  • Set the Stage for Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Get to Peace: Overview of “Mediation Success” process
  • Reach the Real Issue: Convert Positions to Interests
  • Communicate to Resolve: The Art of Listening and Questioning
  • Conflict Management Styles: Yours and Theirs
  • Deal with Anger and Emotion
  • Address the 5 Core Workplace Concerns: Unfairness, Distrust, Lack of Respect, Communication and Psychic Income
  • Ensure Success: Documentation, Implementation and Follow-Through

Day One: Get the Information...

Day Two: Get the Practice!  

Contact us for more information or to customize training for your organization!  

 EXCITING NEWS!!  Amy Lieberman was ranked #1 in ADR in the Arizona Business Magazine’s “Best of the Best”  Top Lawyers in 2013, and continues in the Top 10 every year since through 2020!  And, Southwest Super Lawyers ranked Amy in the TOP 25 Women  Attorneys in 2015 and each year since!    AZ Business puts Amy in the Top 100 attorneys overall in Arizona for 2017 - 2020.    We are honored by these awards, and appreciate your vote of confidence.  Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you!


 Click here to see Amy talk about Mediation Success!


How Mediation is an Effective Way to End Workplace Wars:
View this interview with Amy Lieberman 
by Scott Drake on the Legal Broadcast Network

Mediation Success, Featuring Author Amy Lieberman from Sequence Media on Vimeo.

To read Amy Lieberman's  "The Driving Force of Desires: Reaching Resolution in Mediation", featured in the Arizona Attorney magazine, click here.       


"In 20 years, I've never seen anyone do as fine a job of handling a very difficult, complex and protracted internal workplace matter....Amy demonstrated remarkable skills that make her the ideal mediator.  She was a joy to work with, quickly earning the trust of both parties and sustaining credibility throughout the process.  It gives me great comfort to know that Amy is out there to help solve what appears to be un-resolvable.   Many thanks for her amazing professionalism."   - K.W.,  in-house counsel, Fortune 100 company

"Amy has mediated many of my employment cases over the past ten years.  There is a reason I continue to mediate with Amy.  She gets results.  Amy's success as a mediator begins with a firm grasp of employment law including its dynamic trends.  What sets Amy apart is her ability to relate to employers and employees alike.  She has the background, experience and gravitas to influence a general counsel or corporate decision-maker and can pivot and provide genuine comfort, empathy and understanding to an emotional former employee.  Amy is an expert communicator with an uncanny ability to assess a party's personality, seamlessly adjust her approach to develop trust, and help litigants see the wisdom of resolution.  She is also one of the hardest working mediators I know.  I highly recommend Amy as a mediator."  -   Michael Pruitt, Jackson White, (employee counsel)


Attorney at Law magazine featured Amy Lieberman as the Mediator of the Month.  To read the article, click here.

For more testimonials, click here.         



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